5 Secrets Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be demanding of your time. We’ve heard so many people say that they prefer cats, because they don’t need much care – they hunt, they’re independent and will look after themselves – not entirely true!

So before we get into the breeds and which breed will suit you best, you need to understand what you’re in for.

Obviously, there are financial implications, such as the initial cost of the cat, neutering, spaying, vaccinations, food, feeding bowls, cat toys,cat bedding, travel carriers, litter and trays, grooming tools, toiletries, medication for hairball and parasites, pet insurance and of course the cost of a cattery when you’re off on your annual vacation.

Then you need to consider a further investment – that of time.

A well cared for cat will be around for between 15 to 20 years. This means daily or weekly grooming depending on the cat that you choose. Cats love attention and companionship and they love their humans. Yes they’re less demanding of attention than the average dog, but nevertheless, they do need exercise, feeding, grooming and extra special lap time. A time to curl up on their owners warm shoulder or lap while been gently stroked. They love to play, especially a game of fetch, where you do the fetching!

Still interested? Of course you are! Then you need to decide on whether you want a pedigree cat or a mixed breed pet quality cat. Some other matters for your consideration would be whether you want a male or female, a fully grown cat or a kitten. Temperament – are you in search of an active, lively cat or a gentle docile cat? What home environment will best suit your new companion – a home with a garden or a small apartment? Finally, the color and the breed.

Your decision is made!

1. Why do you want a cat?

Cats are one of the most popular pets to have – they make wonderful companions and can be equally affectionate and playful as any canine friend.

2. What type of cat is right for you?

There are over 50 cat breeds to choose from. So if you’re undecided please do some some research

  • Shorthaired breeds
  • Longhaired Breeds
  • Foreign Breeds
  • Moggie – you may want an adorable moggie, without the papers and long pedigree

3. When and where to purchase your cat?

It’s always important to consider your own circumstances before bringing a new addition to the family – stability is key. So if you are moving home, having a baby or your marital status is changing, it’s preferable not to get a cat.

Your cat or kitten can be sourced from:

  • a reputable breeder
  • animal rescue society
  • a friend
  • a stray
  • a pet shop

Each has its merits or de-merits. Purchasing from a reputable cat breeder means that you are generally guaranteed of a healthy kitten and you are able to select from the litter. The added advantage is that you are able to ‘meet’ the parent cats. Breeders may be more expensive so this may be a consideration. Rescuing a cat from a shelter or a stray is always a noble cause but do try and establish as much as you can about the cat or get a veterinarian to give the cat a clean-bill-of-health before adopting. We suggest you do the same if you are sourcing your pet from a pet shop.

4. What will it cost to keep a cat?

Shop around before taking the plunge. Price should not always the first consideration – cheap can cost you dearly in the long term. Don’t compromise on things like pet insurance and food – consider the facts and make an informed decision.

5. What will my cat need?

Apart from the obvious, like a safe environment, food, water, bedding, toys and other accessories like kitty litter, cat carrier and cat flap, your cat needs commitment and love – lots of it.