A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your Dog to Sleep in your Bed

Did you know that while you are busting your butt at work your dog is at home sleeping the day away? It’s true. Dogs on average sleep for more than twelve hours a day and they don’t really need to be too comfortable to do so either. A dog can be equally comfortable napping on the couch, on dog beds, or in its crate. Many owners permit their dogs to sleep on their beds and some in their beds under the covers. However, many professional dog trainers believe that this is a problem and can cause obedience problems down the road.

Your dog really doesn’t mind where it sleeps as long as it can close its eyes in peace. That being said, most dogs prefer sleeping in the same room as their owners, right next to your bed, if given the opportunity. The main reason is because sleeping near their owners is reassuring and it helps them stay calm. This remains true even when you are not home. Dogs home alone enjoy sleeping near their owners’ beds due to its scent. They prefer to be close to your bed since it smells so much like you.

Don’t make the same mistake as so many owner dog owners do and that’s to let their puppies and dog sleep in the same bed as them. The problem with sharing your bed with the dog is that it becomes a problem with dominance. The dog begins to see itself as an equal to you and your loved one. In the dog’s mind, it is now your peer and you are no longer the pack leader. This is when so many dog owners run into dominance issues. For example, he may begin to ignore your commands. He might rush ahead of you into rooms, gently nudging you aside. Eventually, your dog might challenge your role as leader, becoming aggressive when you exert your authority.

The problem is only exaggerated when there are children are involved. In many households, there is a complex dynamic between kids and dogs and it is important you establish a clear distinction of the authority for the dog to understand. When you allow your kid to sleep with the dog in his or her bed, the distinction of authority becomes muddled. This quickly leads to dominance issues. For example, when the child doesn’t want to share their bed with the dog, it can potentially trigger an aggressive response from the dog.

Now I’m not saying all dogs can’t sleep in their owner’s bed without taking on dominance issues. It all depends on the breed and personality of the animal. As a general rule, most experts agree that dogs should be discouraged from bed-sharing.