Best Beagle Puppy Advice And Tips

Many people get a new beagle puppy and don’t realize all the work that goes into raising them. Here is some simple beagle puppy advice if you are in a hurry. What follows is some great advice on the top 7 issues you will encounter.

1). Puppy Crying Advice. The biggest problem people have is a beagle puppy that cries at night. When your beagle puppy first leaves their parents they are usually unsettled and need someone close to them to comfort them. Since they are mischievous and can make a mess at night, free roaming isn’t a good idea. To curb the problem of crying, place a battery operated radio just outside of the radio and turn it to an all night talk radio station very low. They will listen to the noise and not be lonely at all.

2). Puppy house training advice. House training your beagle puppy can be difficult to do. Many people find that their pet finds a specific room in the house to use as a rest room. When you take note of this area, spray it with some lemon juice after you clean up the mess. This will destroy their own scent that is there, and you can begin to take them outside when they start showing signs they need to use the bathroom.

3). Obedience training advice. Another important piece of beagle puppy advice is obedience training. When you have a beagle puppy that is about 3 months old, that is the best time to start obedience training. If you delay for too long, then they will find it hard to stop engrained habits. You can perform this by yourself, or you can look for some good online advice.

It’s tough being a new beagle owner that’s why I have personally written the Beagle Training Guide to help them properly train their puppies.

4). Puppy illness advice. Many beagle puppies will experience illness as they are growing up. It is important to note that most of the time throwing up, and other problems come from them learning about their environment and not eating too fast. If they have a warm nose, and display other obvious symptoms then you should contact your vet. Any illness that lasts more than a few hours is a cause for some general concern.

5). Puppy biting advice. Puppies nip and bite, due to their instincts. This does not have anything to do with being cross or mean. This is why you must not harm them when getting them to stop biting you. Instead, when your beagle puppy bites you don’t pull back. Simply pull them off of your finger and lightly wrap your fingers around their snout for three seconds, and they will settle down. This puts you as the Alpha Male in their eyes.

6). Puppy chewing advice. Every beagle puppy loves to chew and it doesn’t matter how important the item is to you. The best way to stop a beagle puppy from chewing is to spray items that lean towards with a bitter agent. This can be lemon juice or anything else that isn’t toxic to the beagle puppy. In no time they will stop chewing and your home will be safe again.

7). Puppy jumping advice. Jumping is a big issue with beagle puppies, and it is part of their second nature. To curb this problem, when they jump on you, push back lightly on their paws. This will cause them to back off and return to the ground. Then proceed to have them sit and obey you with a series of commands. This will show them that what they have done is not acceptable to you, and they will begin to stop doing it.

Puppy advice can often vary. The best online advice can be among the best you will receive anywhere. As you learn more about your new beagle puppy, you will learn the different methods that work best for them, and in no time you’ll be the owner of a great beagle. Get the complete beagle training guide now.