Buying a Dog Bed

When you get a dog, one of the first things you’re likely to purchase after the food and water bowls is a dog bed. Dogs need a comfortable place to sleep and are less likely to sleep on your sofa, and for larger dogs, that might not even be feasible. Choosing from the many kinds of dog beds available might seem difficult, but it can be done.

Most people buy a dog bed from a pet store. Some grocery stores even stock dog beds. This is a perfectly fine place to buy a dog bed. The first and most important thing to consider when you’re shopping for a dog bed is the size of the dog. If you have a puppy, you should also consider the size the dog will become.

Some people choose to buy a puppy sized bed when the dog is a puppy and then a bigger bed when the dog outgrows the puppy bed. This is not the best idea for a couple of reasons. First, your dog is going to be attached to his bed and will be upset when you remove it, and second, that plan requires you to buy multiple dog beds.

There are many different styles of dog beds but some are more common than others. One of the most frequently seen styles is a two sided dog bed. In this situation, one side of the dog bed will have fabric and the other side will have fleece. You can either let the dog try both sides to see which texture he prefers or you can use the fleece side for winter and the fabric side for summer.

There are also those that get beds that are thin, almost the equivalent of a folded blanket. This allows for more flexibility as it is easier to transport but it is not ideal if it’s placed directly on top of a hard floor, like tile or hardwoods.

There are some dog beds that come with raised sides, which create a bit of a den-like feel for the dog. This is great for dogs that want to be enclosed and prefer dens as their resting place. You can make this more pronounced by placing the bed inside a kennel or a crate to make it more enclosed.

There are other dogs that deeply resist kennels, crates and cages in any form, and for those dogs it is important to get a flat bed where they can see around it. This is most common in dogs that have spent time in shelters.

Dog beds come in many varieties and the kind that you choose depends entirely on your preferences and the preferences of your dog. You may end up trying a few beds before you find one that suits your dog and your home, but it is important to dogs to have comfortable places to rest.