How to Name a Husky Dog or Puppy

Haven’t thought of a name for your husky yet? Need to choose the best name for your husky puppy? Naming your husky as soon as possible is important when it comes to husky training.

To make sure your husky understands your commands properly, you must also make sure your husky knows the name that you use to refer to him. To avoid any type of complications or confusions, pick out a name for your husky before you get one.

There are thousands of names to pick from, but which one is the best name for a husky puppy? Realistically, there isn’t the ultimate best name for a husky puppy. It’s more of a personal choice and a matter of opinion. But there are, however, key points that you should follow before picking out a name for your furry animal:

Simplicity – Keep the name short and simple. There is no need to complicate your husky’s name or come up with a name that you will later on dislike.

Negative Names – Avoid naming your dog to negative commands such as « Joe » sounds similar to « No ». When you say « No » and your husky puppy will think you said « Joe » it may not understand that you mean « No ». To avoid this type of confusion, avoid naming your dog any negative names that may cause this in the long run.

Likable Names – Name your husky puppy something likable, perhaps something that brings back good memories or a good person.

Ask Around – Perhaps your friends or siblings have a better suggestion for a name for your husky. Asking around could potentially give you suggestions that you haven’t thought of before.

Remember that your dog will be stuck with the name for the rest of his or her life so make sure that the name is likable by both you and your puppy! Some people name their dogs something really lame out of spur of the moment. Make sure when you name your dog it’s because you truly think that the name will be great for your dog forever.

But if you don’t think that the name you give your puppy will be good for the rest of his life then you should probably rethink about giving your puppy that name. If the name sounds racist, sexist, or discriminating in any way make sure you’re ready to deal with it when you’ll be out in public. Make sure you’ll be comfortable calling out your dog’s name around anyone and everyone.