Pets and Pee Predicaments, Part Deux

The Only Dance There Is

« Pets & Pee Predicaments », our first blog discussed the subject of (almost) all things related to pet pee predicaments. And this is it – create a cleaning dance to keep things interesting – don’t call it a routine, the word conjures up static, low energy, just pure blah-ness. But, a dance, you can do that. No one is watching, you got this! By the way, if someone joins in, all the better. You should dance a few times a week.

Crank it Up & Get Down

Crank up the music and get down with « we love pets, but we love a clean house too » cleaning hoohah. Get vacuuming, clean old urine soaked areas with enzyme component cleaners, deodorize the place and open the darn windows. Part Deux, this part, takes it home with the rest, the last waltz – carpet spot cleaning, furniture cleaning, purifying and freshening the air.

Spot Cleaning, H2O2, Vinegar & Your Pets

Before the very popular subject of « vinegar cures everything on earth » topic is addressed, decide that dealing with fresh pet pee should be a priority in life, at least one of them. With old urine stains gone, be vigilant. Create a new dynamic, clean fresh piddle right away which will minimize repeat offenses. Do not allow your very expensive carpet to become a surrogate fire hydrant.

Cleaning products with H2O2 aka as hydrogen peroxide rock, and will make the task easier than you can imagine. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed of water and oxygen exclusively, which kills pee related organisms by oxidation. Vinegar is acidic in nature and holds many of the same properties as urine. Vinegar therefore, should never be used to clean pet stains. Because dogs and most pets urinate based on scent, vinegar can actually draw them to the spot where it was applied. Just Say NO to urine cleaning vinegar hacks, please.

Here’s Where We Blatantly Promote a Brilliant Spot Cleaning Product

Hydrogen peroxide is considered the world’s safest of all natural sanitizers that kills microorganisms by simply oxidizing them. When Hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material it breaks down into oxygen and water, meaning it is a non-toxic entity and perfectly suited for general use. Spartan Contempo H2O2 Spotting Solution is a convenient, ready-to-use, hydrogen peroxide based carpet spotting solution and pre-spray treatment. It has an advanced cleaning formula designed with ingredients that penetrate, lift and oxidize stains. These powerful detergents dry to a brittle powder, leaving no tacky residue. The brittle powder does not contribute to re-soiling and is easily removed by vacuuming. Plus, it carries the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval which means this product will remove even the most difficult stains without damage to the carpet. Good stuff!

Snoopy, Lucy & Dog Germs

« I have dog germs, get hot water » ~Lucy. Did she have it right? Come on, it’s only logical. As much as we love dogs, most pets are little beings of bacteria carrying fur balls. Maybe some of the germs are good germs, that’s possible, right? There are dozens of research studies on the subject with the same conclusion that we know to be true – just keep the environment hygienic and keep dogs in the family. Vacuum and clean upholstered furniture and sleeping areas, especially bedding and follow-up with a deep penetrating proprietary cleaning system to eliminate odor.

Vacuuming removes the obvious: fur and dander. A HEPA vacuum filtration system captures 100 percent of particles 75 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair and actually improves indoor air quality capturing dust and allergen particles down to 0.3 microns. A professional grade fabric freshening product takes it home for a perfect storm of clean, which is not to be confused with covering odor – don’t even try. Everyone knows and it’s just not that healthy.

The Holy Grail for Clean, Pure Air

You’ve danced the last dance of the day. The dance is over. Your work is done. But your dogs, and other pets in the house, as beautiful and as happy as they are in this fresh, clean space will continue to generate germs and dander. Hey, that’s just who they are. The cleaning dance will never end…not that there’s anything wrong with that. But imagine if 99.7% of allergens including pet dander could be removed from the air effortlessly. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Removing the problem, before it happens? Investing in an air purifier makes sense, and today’s technology is rather brilliant. A HEPA air purification system features a carbon odor filter which has been treated with pure baking soda. The purification system is designed to trap larger particles, and virtually absorbs and eliminates all odors. Pure genius.

The Gilded Lilly

Not that you need it at this point, but we think it’s nice. Pet odor has been eliminated thanks to you. Odor neutral spaces are quite heavenly. You’ll even notice behavior changes in your pets, I know I have, personally.

But just as a certain fragrance wafts through the air when someone walks by that is irresistible, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful fragrance in your home too? Not an assaulting sharp cover up kind of smell, something simply fresh & clean? Also, by chance, if there happens to be a lingering odor, somehow, somewhere, many air fresheners are designed and formulated to freshen the air and eliminate bad odor. Brilliant. By, the way, we have a fabulous and worthy selection for your review – in case you wondered.

The Last Waltz

In conclusion, if you have a particular odor, stain or perplexing pet related cleaning issue, we are available. Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies is run by people – not boards, stock holders or algorithms. Real people, with real experience and knowledge who are available to discuss whatever cleaning challenge you might have. Remember that – we are here to serve you and the community (since 1976).