Save A PitBull, Why It Is A Good Idea

Top 10 Reasons To Own A Bully Breed

There are many reasons to adopt a PitBull to be a awesome buddy but for you I have put together the most complete list on the internet to help you with finding the perfect PitBull pup. The American PitBull Terrier (APBT) is the source of much controversy but I believe there are many people who understand it’s just hype. This list was made for you.

Reason #1 – The shelters are full of homeless PitBull pups, most destined to be put down. You can make a new friend and save a precious pup at the same time, you’re a hero. You’ll also be helping your community and helping to keep homeless dogs off the streets which is a selfless reason to get a PitBull!

Reason #2 – Companionship is an important trait of life and we say « dog is the man’s best friend » because it’s true. Despite the unfair stereotype you hear, the APBT is specifically inclined to please their owner and the rewarding nature of my relationships with my dogs is one of my greatest experiences.

Reason #3 – You get your own personal and portable PitBull heating pad…Throw out your snuggie and have a PitBull! It may snore but it loves to cuddle and will keep you warm on the coldest of nights! This reason to own a Bully Breed that will come in more handy than you think!

Reason #4 – Raising and training a adorable, friendly and thoughtful APBT is very rewarding and produces life-long results. Not only will your « Nanny dog » enjoy its special place as a best friend but a Bully Breed that knows its place in the hierarchy of your home is a calmer, more obedient and thus happier, pet.

Reason #5 – You would own your own piece of history; few dogs make such an iconic American Pet with as rich a history. The PitBull has sported the rank of Sergeant as « Sergeant Stubby » who served in the Army’s infantry in World War 1, saved countless soldiers and is more commonly known as the Georgetown University Mascot. Join the likes of Mark Twain and President Teddy Roosevelt as a proud owner of the APBT and get a Bully Breed today!

Reason #6 – Because we all need a good work-out and having an APBT is like having a personal trainer with motivational experience. (you do NOT want an anxious pup tearing up your Dad’s expensive couch…Sorry Dad!) They are a barrel of monkeys to play with and always guaranteed for a good laugh!

Reason #7 – They are very carying with the little ones! Contrary to popular myths the PitBull is fantastic with small children and babies. They were once named  »The Nanny Dog » in Europe because they were left to babysit!

Reason #8 – Stick it to the man! As responsible Bully Breedowners we have a real chance to mold an ambassador for the breed; A Bully Breed who is happy, gentle and well-behaved. This goes a long way when meeting strangers who always heard about how vicious they can be.

Reason #9 – When you have a Pit Bull you always have something fun to do! For someone like me it’s incredible because it gives me an excuse to go strolling at the shopping-outlets without a human companion…Now when you talk to girls you won’t look like a loser, your awesome!….And its great socializing the dog and the strangers.

Reason #10 – YOUR HEALTH! A healthy reason to own an APBT is because their funny, athletic, smart, joyful and these qualities rub off! Their characteristics magnify the truth that owning a dog is proven to extend your life. AND owning a Pit Bull is helpful for your mental health too! No bull! You get more exercise and a more fulfilling relationship.

These are all compelling reasons to own a Pit Bull or Bully Breed and I guarantee they are far more enjoyable to witness in person! An APBT makes a great companion and I hope you can put the stereotype behind you and find out for yourself!