What Sort Of Arthritis Treatment For Dogs Are There?

Did you consider that your pet could get arthritis? It seems understandable really as we humans can get it too. If you have a dog, the bigger the dog, the more prone they will be to this ailment. Arthritis in the hip and rear legs is most usual. However, just like us, there is a selection of arthritis treatment for dogs.

So, how can you discover if your dog has this disease? Observation is the key. Also, you live with your pet 24/7 so if he’s aching, you will find out. It might be just a subtle hint but you will pick up on it. You’ll just feel that something is not quite right or off kilter. Then you will become much more aware of him or her and really look at what could be wrong. Details to look for are:

Difficulty in sitting up from a lying position or vice versa Difficulty in going from a sitting to a standing position or vice versa Difficulty in going up or down stairs Favoring one limb over another Hesitation when moving Moving slowly Becoming less energetic Not wanting to have fun Sleeping more Being less alert Being sensitive to touch in certain areas

The next step is to get expert advice. Your vetinarian is the obvious choice. If the diagnosis is canine arthritis, there is lots that can be done to help. Just like us humans, there is a multitude of medication to assist in making life easier. The vetinarian can also oversee the medication to see if more or less is necessary or possibly another brand.

If your pet is overweight, then that would be an added burden so a diet would be called for as well as additional exercise. So more walks for you and your buddy – that way you both benefit.

There are also many natural therapies that can help. Supplements with MSM and glucosamine can alleviate a lot, as well as Omega fatty acids. You can also purchase some Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate is preferrable to ascorbic acid) in powder form and mix it with his food. In fact there are holistic vetinarians that can help as well. Homeopathic remedies can also help with this disease.

Check that your pet is getting the finest quality food and water. Feed him lots of veggies as arthritis doesn’t enjoy an alkaline environment and vegetables certainly lower acidic values. Refrain from tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers though.

Arthritis treatment for dogs is very feasible. Get advice you trust and then follow that advice.