Why Should You Dress Your Bichon?

When you don’t have pets, it is hard to believe how they can actually become an essential part of your household. However, once they do become a part of your house, they pretty much feel like family members. All pet owners have different ways of showing their love for their pets. While some like to spend time with them playing, there are many who love to spend both time and money on their pets grooming. The grooming includes maintaining a classy look for pets as well as getting them outfits much like you do for a real person.

While the idea may seem childish to some, dressing up your pets and dogs in particular is a way for people to show that their pets are just like their own kids. When it comes to dogs, the Bichon breed is perhaps the most loveable dog breed of all and that is why owners of this particular pedigree lover to dress their pet dog up. If you own a Bichon and think it is ridiculous to dress him up, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider doing it:

1. Keep him warm.

During winters, the weather is not just cold for you, it is the same way for your dog as well. Especially if you take your Bichon out for a walk during the winters, there is every chance that he might feel cold and get sick as a result. Your dog is much like a kid who needs to be protected from the weather conditions. To keep him warm, you can get him a nice dog sweater, sweatshirt, jacket or hoodie.

2. Protect his paws.

Although the paws of a Bichon are quite tough but they still might get hurt while walking on rocky or uneven surfaces. During winter season, snow hides a lot of sharp objects and your dog might unknowingly step on it. Moreover, with his paws coming in contact with harder surfaces, there is also a chance that his nail might get tangled up in some crevice or may even come out, causing him a lot of pain. This is why a lot of pet outfit designers have come up with the idea of designing boots for dogs so that they can walk steadily even on rough surfaces and in cold weather.

3. Form a closer equation with him.

Not only your pet Bichon but all dogs that are kept as pets love it when their owners are attentive to them. Just like you train him to wear his collar, you can also train him to wear the different outfits you get for him. While training him to wear the dog clothes, he will be getting a lot of time and adulation from you and even if you don’t realize it, it will help strengthen your bond with your dog. When you take out his boots or clothes, he knows that you will be taking him for a walk outside soon. You can even have long johns to carry your dog around for a while.

Once you are back from the walk and take his boots and clothes off, a nice relaxing massage will just make him feel even closer to you.

4. Make him look even cuter.

Among other dog breeds, a Bichon is perhaps the cutest. Dressing him up will not only set him apart from the other dogs he sees outside but will also make him look cuter than he already is. For any dog owner, his/her dog is more like a stress buster and to see him look cuter with all the outfits you bought for him is sure to bring a smile on your face.

Dressing up your dog in the outfits of your choice also makes a statement about your dog and the kind of equation you have with him.